Asia-Pacific Cyber Insights

The ASPI Asia-Pacific Cyber Insights aims to bring the Asia-Pacific experience and perspective to the key themes and questions of the Global Conference on Cyberspace 2015 (GCCS) taking place this week.

As a key region in the global Internet space with almost half of global netizens, Asia-Pacific represents diverse, dynamic, and important perspectives on international cyber issues.

The themes to be discussed at GCCS and highlighted in the publication include:

  • International peace and security
  • A secure place for business and people
  • Global Forum on Cyber Expertise: A global platform for cyber capacity building
  • Fast forward, economic growth and development in cyberspace
  • Privacy

The publication highlights three key general takeaways from the Asia-Pacific experience: clarity, capacity, and responsibility.


To strengthen cybersecurity and build confidence governments need to be clearer about the governance structure of the Internet as well as their intentions in cyberspace. Publication of policies, strategies, and doctrines, clearer definitions and terminology, and the establishment of national points of contact can all help reduce the risk of miscommunication and conflict.


The Asia-Pacific region is home to several least developed and developing countries that have, and will continue to, benefit the most from technical, policy, legislative, organisational and law enforcement capacity building efforts. Nevertheless, as ICT continues to play an increasingly important role in both developing and developed countries there is a need to build expertise and invest in knowledge transfer on the global level as well.


Internet issues and cybersecurity are rarely straightforward. Complex relationships between governments, international organisations, civil society, network operators, service providers, and individuals make it challenging to understand who is responsible for what in what circumstances. In order to build trust and confidence in the global cyber environment accountability is a key challenge. All actors need to be clear what they are responsible for and what can be expected from them in order to successfully avoid, mitigate, and resolve cyber issues.

The whole publication is well worth a read if you would like to know more about the current cyber situation in the Asia-Pacific and it is available for download here.